Found In Translation

group exhibition, 2014

Curated by Stephanie Brachmann & Mario Gallucci

Lodge Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Found in Translation is a group exhibition making use of a process similar to a game of "Telephone" or "Exquisite Corpse."  It begins with a found object provided by an artist, which is given to another artist.  This person is cued by the formal qualities of the object to make a work of art.  The new piece is handed on to the next artist, whose task is to make a piece inspired by it, then hand it on to the next artist, and so the process continues.

The artists are instructed to make a work in the medium of their choice, being sure to maintain a clear formal or conceptual connection to the previous piece.  Each artist only sees the piece immediately preceding her or his own, thus creating through-lines that become visible after all pieces have been placed side by side.

Participating artists (in order of appearance in gallery):

Matt Leavitt


Michael Horwitz

Stephanie Brachmann

Nick Patton

Leif J. Lee

Ilan Schraer

Josh Mahan

Mario Gallucci

John Dougherty