Emerson Space Case was a 3-year curating project which took place in a row of windows on the corner of NE 30th & Emerson in Portland, Oregon. Monthly shows and occasional events took place, showcasing a variety of emerging and established artists, focusing on experimental work that may not have an opportunity to be shown elsewhere. The space was made possible by Magnus Johanneson, the property owner and supporter of the arts in Portland.

Here's the old blog where you can view past shows (until Blogger makes it disappear!): emersonspacecase.blogspot.com

The following artists & groups showed work at Emerson Space Case:

Amy Baker

Tess Bidelspach

Stephanie Brachmann

Jamey Braden

John Ryan Brubaker

Colleen Flanigan

Luke Forsyth

Sarah Goodchild-Robb

Kendra Hadlock

Homeschool Collective

Jennifer Jansons

Juanita's Velvet Paintings

Kindergarteners/1st Graders at Beverly Cleary Hollyrood Elementary

Emma Lipp

Emily Nachison

Benjamin Parrish

Sara E. Pavao & Jasmin Cross

Port City Wood Studio

Erica Ramirez

Lettie Jane Rennekamp

William Rihel

Skye Sarenana-Velten

Ilan Schraer

Jacob Sorenson